Ultimately, we are purpose driven...always.

Our first random acts worked as a promotion and encouragement of self-love. LUSH Cosmetics on Queen West sponsored this first phase by donating pieces of their 'Roses All The Way' soap. LotusxGang in collaboration with GYALCAST wrote notes of encouragement and self-love which were attached to little packages of soap and donated them to various womxn's shelters throughout the GTA - prioritizing Nellie’s Shelter.

The community of womxn being supported by Nellie’s Shelter are those that have left the shelter and are finding their way with help from the shelter itself and its surrounding community. They have about 200 womxn & their families in their community , 80 of whom attend their weekly Food Bank.  Since they are starting over rebuilding their lives, they need any help they can get. They usually do not have any spare cash left over after providing necessities for their families, so we were honoured to give them a way to pamper themselves.

This first random act was carried out as a reminder that it is more than okay to take time to treat yourself. That self-love and self-care are both extremely and undeniably necessary. It is not selfish to love yourself and prioritize your mental health, well-being and overall happiness. It is a much needed practice. Love all that you are, as you are. & remind the womxn around you to do the same.

Peace, love, light & good vibes.