on the power of tenderness.

Biophilia: the inherent inclination to affiliate with nature. - Wilson EO.  Biophilia. Harvard University Press; Cambridge, MA, USA: 1984. 
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This is a collection of songs to breathe to. While you’re listening to this playlist, allow your breath to slow down- humble yourself to the rhythm of the playlist. Don’t fight it, just go with it. This playlist was created to remind you that there is power in tenderness. In honour of 'Black History and Future' month, all of the artists on this playlist identify as Black womxn.

- Kayla Carter

Based on the human tendency to curate spaces that are otherwise dominated by inanimate objects, to include natural elements such as plants and other living things, I suppose it's safe to say that humans are as biophilic creatures by nature as they are social creatures. This fondness of nature has been reflected throughout generations worldwide (see also: indoor plant presence in ancient Egyptian paintings, and in the ruins of Pompeii).

Yes they cleanse our air, and feed our bodies in ways that we will probably never fully understand. But, they also feed our minds. Someone once told me that looking at greenery would calm my mind and I'm not sure if these proven effects in my day-to-day life are a result of a placebo effect, or if my spirit is soothed thanks to chlorophyll and life. Either way, I find myself wandering through every greenhouse I can get into. This playlist reminds us to breathe. We don't really realize how much we hold our breath until we really allow ourselves to take deep breathes, and be present in our respective spaces and places on Earth, and in this Universe. There is no better space to seek this grounding from than in sanctuaries that house our lifelines. 

Give yourself the privilege of sharing a space with living things that give without asking, and take what they need without hurting. That let go in the fall, and bloom in their season. They breathe, they die, and they are born again. We can learn a lot from them. 

- Janu Ys

Playlist Curation by Kayla Carter.

Photography & Prose by Janu Ys.

All images taken on Google Pixel 2, and edited on VSCO.