IN BLOOM is really about the journey of coming into one's self - the growth and blooming process, the changes that occur during this process, the growing pains that often come hand in hand with such vast amounts of growth. If anything other than a means to chronicle this constant state of progress, IN BLOOM seeks to be a space of catharsis; for those involved as well as those that are viewers to our work and our subjects. Through IN BLOOM we are challenging the heteronormative notions of what it means to be and identify as a womxn. We are not working off of, or for the male gaze. This series is raw, real, vulnerable, and true.

Vol. i, is an ode to Black womxn & Black History Month. It is an ode to sisterhood. It is an ode to love and support. 

Thank you kindly & with all our hearts to Niamh Gyulay for doing the illustration for this series.

- Janu & Nivetha