In bloom ii.


As stated in 'IN BLOOM Vol. i':

IN BLOOM is really about the journey of coming into one's self - the growth and blooming process, the changes that occur during this process, the growing pains that often come hand in hand with such vast amounts of growth. If anything other than a means to chronicle this constant state of progress, IN BLOOM seeks to be a space of catharsis; for those involved as well as those that are viewers to our work and our subjects. Through IN BLOOM we are challenging the heteronormative notions of what it means to be and identify as a womxn. We are not working off of, or for the male gaze. This series is raw, real, vulnerable, and true.

Vol. ii, Subject i is subtitled 'UNFOLD'. It is a study of the nuances of body image and what is deemed 'desirable' & 'undesirable' by what is the capitalist patriarchy that courses through the world we live in.

There is a notion of ownership of the female body that isn't associated with the womxn herself. How does one feel so entitled to the autonomy of another? How does one reclaim themselves? 

In a world where the standard of beauty is a young, thin, white womxn, how does 'the other' find their footing? Introspection. Self-love. Unpacking. Unlearning, Learning. Loving. Being. There lies beauty in the process of womxn reclaiming their bodies so that their bodies can be a site of healing for themselves from patriarchal & post-colonial violence.

We would like to thank our friend Sam Liacos for collaborating with us and allowing us to pull from her ongoing artistic series: 'Send Nudes' – the repurposing of nude submissions from womxn to encourage self-love and celebrate the female form.

In the process of creating and curating pieces of work for this volume, we encountered a moment where we realized that there is no real way to describe what the female form looks like. Anyone who identifies as a womxn is a womxn. Therefore, we've decided that we will study multiple subjects who are willing to share their space and themselves intimately with us, and we look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

Janu, Nivetha & Kayla